Q&A with Noel Cassar

We sat down with new Head Coach Noel Cassar to get his views on football, the upcoming season and the NFL.

Why did you want to come to Leicester?
Its my next step for me after 4 years as head coach at Derby Braves (University of Derby). I wanted to get involved with a local Senior team, and after speaking to Guy the Falcons were the perfect fit for me.’

What’s your offensive philosophy?
‘To score more than we concede! To play every down like it’s your last and give 100. To play fast attacking football (pass on first down…. Run on 3rd and long) ‘

And for defence?
‘3 Downs and out… Speed kills.’

What does a typical training session look like?
‘Warm up, Fitness, Indy’s, O Install, D install, O v D, 7×7, Special teams, Warm Down, Home. Midweek Classroom sessions and a Saturday Walkthrough before games.’

How do you rate the team’s chances this year? What do you think of our opponents this year?
‘All the teams in our Division are strong teams which should create some great competitive games, we can compete and beat any team on our day if we prepare correctly and everyone is ready to play.’

What was your position as a player?
‘I started football life as a linebacker before moving to offensive line.’

Who’s your NFL team?
’49ers ……we will leave that there!’

Who’s going to win the Superbowl this year?
‘Heart says Atlanta……Head is saying New England.’

What’s the best football movie?
‘The Waterboy’